Calamansi Tea: A Comfort Drink

I stumbled upon a post by Commander In Chic that featured a lime-ginger-mint detox infusion by Fashion Cooking. The pictures of the tea looked delicious (check them out!) and got me thinking about Calamansi tea, a drink my Mom always made me when I got sick growing up.

unfortunately I do not have my own picture...I am only wishing this cup of tea was in front of me =P

If you don’t know what calamansi is, it’s a small lime that is native to Philippines. You can find the fruit in asian markets and there are some specialty food stores who might sell packaged 100% calamansi juice. Or, you can grow your own! My uncle has had a calamansi plant in his backyard in Milpitas, CA for as long as I can remember, so we were always in abundance of the fruit. Aside from its flavorful citrusy taste, the calamansi also has medicinal benefits such as relief for itchy scalp, antiseptic for cuts and insect bites, and of course, a remedy for coughs, colds, and sore throat.

Calamansi plant. Photo credit:

Calamansi Tea (the way my Mom prepares it for me)

-2 parts boiling water

-1 part fresh squeezed calamansi juice

-Honey (as desired)

Yup, that’s all. Some people just squeeze calamansi juice into whatever tea they regularly have and it provides a great kick. You can have it hot or cold. I mainly drink it as a hot tea because I have it when I’m sick, but it is amazingly delicious and refreshing when iced! Perfect for both the summertime and wintertime. 🙂

If anyone knows where I can get calamansi in NYC or packaged calamansi juice even, please let me know. I’m still new here and haven’t discovered the best grocery spots/markets. Thanks!


9 thoughts on “Calamansi Tea: A Comfort Drink

  1. Wow! I had never heard about Calamansi before. I love the name, and going to do some research on it now. I am so amazed that I have not heard of such a power citrus before. I wish they had calamansi essential oil, that would make a beautiful name for a bar of soap.

  2. This sounds and look great! I am not sure if we can get Calamansi here in the South.

    I recall drinking Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale (it only comes in cans) when we were sick growing up. This may be a drink you can ONLY get in the South.

    My Mom used to give us that to drink – as it has real ginger in it and it always “burned” or was very warm going down the throat. Nevertheless, it felt great to your throat – especially when it was raw and sore. It is great for colds too. It is so strong that it can make you sneeze as well. I keep it around the house all the time. One of the best things is that ginger is great for nausea as well.

    This is also GREAT on ice cream! YUM!

    You don’t hear about those “old time remedies” much anymore. Sad that the younger generation was not “reared” on some of them.

    • Wow thanks for sharing that with me. I checked the website out and emailed Buffalo Rock to see if they’d ship here…sounds like a power drink! Plus, the fact that you said its great on ice cream just sounded delicious to me so I had to inquire lol..If i end up getting it I will let you know! Perhaps a future post on ginger ale floats! 😉

  3. This is an incredible post! I enjoyed it so much, and you put the writing life into perspective. I felt like I was reading my own thoughts and worries! You are a great writer!

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