I miss driving! This past week I went up to Boston for work and had to rent a car once I got there. I haven’t been behind the wheel since last year so I was pretty scared at first. In fact, within the first 5 minutes of driving, I got honked at at 5 times and yelled at once. Whateva. Boston is probably not the best place to drive after not driving for a while because of its reputation of crazy drivers and streets, but after Day 1, I think I did well… i.e. I did not hit anyone. 😉

Back home in CA, I would go for drives just for fun. When I lived in Berkeley, I’d often go for drives to get a break from studying when it wasn’t busy outside. Sometimes I’d drive without a destination, or I’d turn up my music, roll the windows down, and feel the breeze. These drives were a nice chance to clear my mind, relieve some stress, and enjoy some time alone with myself–cruisin’.

The weather was so beautiful this week–especially Friday. It was warm and sunny and perfect. Mix that with access to a car and a long, traffic-free drive  and you get one of the most enjoyable drives ever! Here are some of the pictures I took on my way to/from a meeting in New Hampshire:

entering New Hampshire

on the I-93

Stuck in traffic somewhere entering Boston

On the train going back to NYC now–rental car, you are missed. It’s interesting comparing the lifestyle in the city to my lifestyle back home. At home, I had the stress outlet of going for a drive alone. Here, I don’t really have that kind of luxury; getting in a car and going for a drive sounds if anything, scary, and it’s not like I can go hop on the subway and feel at peace. Everywhere you go, it’s lots of people, and while I love just that, I also see that the opportunity for solitude just doesn’t exist as much. This is why I’ve been pursuing other avenues to deal with stress, like meditation and exercise. 

Anyone else go for drives just to enjoy or relieve stress? And if you live in the city, what kind of things do you do to relieve your stress?


2 thoughts on “Cruisin’

  1. I love to drive – of course here in Alabama we don’t have subways at all. I love to just get in the car and “go” and take “drives to nowhere” – LOL. I especially love to drive out in the country – the winding turns…see the rolling hills and even smell the country life. That can help relieve stress, as well as, stopping at a park tucked away here and there. These are even more enticing when there is a babbling brook or waterfall – such a calming soothing effect.

    Another stress reliever for me is to play the piano. I can sit for hours and never move. Also playing classical music and sitting and having a nice glass of wine out on the patio – or just a great cup of coffee listening to the chirping of the birds.

    Another thing I do is take a walks in some of the beautiful parks here – there are three within walking distance. I usually take my dog along and play fetch with him. My FAVORITE relaxation is especially in the Fall when all of the foliage is in brilliant colour! That, I truly love and how relaxing.

    • That sounds lovely…in CA I’d love going on random scenic drives. Even though I lived in the suburbs there were still nice places to just cruise nearby like roads through the hills between towns. I remember doing a drive two summers ago from Sacramento to Tahoe, Nevada (i think the i-50) and it was one of the most beautiful 3 hour drives I have ever done alone! I need to do my research on some good scenic drives up here and perhaps do a weekend road trip…When I was driving this past week one of the greatest part was that the air outside smelled fresh and crisp–something I haven’t felt in a long time here!
      Thats great you play the piano, I bet youre really talented!.. i unfortunately don’t know how to play any instruments but I was trying to learn the guitar before moving here and that was always a good stress reliever. I didn’t bring it with me when I moved though :/
      Thanks for commenting 🙂 I’m excited to go through central park in the Fall when the leaves change color, i will DEF post pictures then!!

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