Reminder to Self:

It’s Monday again, happy work week everyone! My sister and two cousins came over from the West Coast this weekend and definitely brought the sunshine with them. For a good 4 days, I felt a sense of “home” in the city. I don’t have any family nearby, and I get homesick a lot, so having them here was really comforting and nice.

Of course after they left I was feeling a bit down. And last night, the anxiety began to creep up as the weekend was coming to an end. While talking to my bf I started stressing out, thinking about the work week, and wishing the weekend had gone by slower. I was going on about having to do x, y, z, this week, clouding my mind with worry…All of a sudden, during my rant, I’m interuptted:

“I’m gonna buy you a bracelet or something” – bf

“Why?! No, don’t buy me anything!” – me

“Yes a bracelet, so you can look at it and remind yourself to stop and smell the roses!”

Silence. Then smile.

So true. Instead of being high off being happy that I had an amazing weekend with my family, I was mad that it was over and spending my time thinking about the next thing. While it’s always good to plan ahead, it’s almost useless to sit there overwhelm yourself with thoughts.

When I think about the present: right here right now, why am I even worrying? The pt is I’m blessed–I’m alive, I’m breathing, I’m eating, I have a computer to blog on, I can share stories with all of you, I can type, my loved ones are safe, I have a job to worry about, I’m learning and I’m growing. When you put that into perspective, I really have no reason to complain. Of course, the day to day stresses will still come, the weekend will still come and go, I will face challenges in life and work, but the fact of the matter is I’m blessed, I have the ability to overcome the challenges, and most importantly, given all of that, life is good. And I need to remember that.

There’s no need for a bracelet, although I do think that was very sweet and was a really great idea. ❤ But when times are tough and I start to get overwhelmed, I’ve got to remind myself: smell the roses, life is good, you have so much to appreciate.

So point of this blog is: if you’re like me stressing out on Sunday night, stop and remember– hey, at least you have something to worry about. With a positive outlook and the right attitude, try and think about all you have to be thankful for and empower yourself to take action, do well and live well instead of sitting there stressing out. 🙂 ENJOY your Monday!


6 thoughts on “Reminder to Self:

  1. Great reminder. I was unemployed in 2009 after the crash, and I remember seeing people trudging into their places of work and just longing for that kind of ennui again! I was usually on my way to another nerve-wracking interview. I still remind myself to remember that longing when I feel all crabbypants about coming into work!

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