After-work walk in Central Park

The weather in NYC this past week was verrrry nice–for the first time since I moved here, I broke a sweat just walking outside to get lunch! Suhweeet. Like many others, I wasn’t able to enjoy the warm weather as much as I wanted to because I was inside working. AND despite the amazing weather, I had been feeling of under the weather physically — perhaps it was the allergies. ( allergies mean Springtime–yay!)

On Wednesday, after a day of nose sniffling, sore throat itching, and stretching my neck to look outside the window and admire the sun, I was tired, but determined to get my good weather fix! I decided to ditch my plans of taking a nap after work and go for a WALK in the park…What a great decision… Here are some pictures from my walk (courtesy of my iPhone).

Going for a walk in the park would be such a cute date (as shown here by random couple)

A cute, little ducky crossing the path..

Under a bridge

Atop a huge rock

my clumsy self almost stepped into this.

sundown and I notice there's a full moon!

pretty reflections

At this point I'm thinking, "Uh-oh, It's really nighttime now, I should get out of here...but first let me take one last picture!"

The walk was quite lovely and I felt much better afterwards. Maybe, now that Springtime is practically here, I should make this a routine thing?


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