There’s a Moose in the Backyard!

My aunt texted me a picture a few minutes ago and I thought I’d share it with you all:


My aunt lives in Alaska and while she just now noticed the moose outside her house, she thinks it has been sitting there for a few days. She says the moose are due to give birth this Spring so I wonder if this one is pregnant!


Please meet Bullwinkle

Growing up in a suburban area and now living in the city, I don’t usually get to encounter things like this. Unless you want to count the rats you see on the subway tracks…yup, nature at it’s best. -_- This is one of the reasons why I am loving blogging thus far– you get to share moments with people from everywhere!

I hope you enjoy these couple of pictures as much as I did, Good-night =]



7 thoughts on “There’s a Moose in the Backyard!

  1. I did enjoy the pictures. How different it is to someone who’s grown up in Florida to see a real live moose. I hope she is pregnant and the saga continues. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I’ve only ever seen one in person…driving down the highway, and it just decides to “mosey” across the street…far enough away that I was able to break in time, but close enough that I was shocked by it’s size! And that guy knew he was big…lol…he wasn’t the least bit scared by my car!

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