Living Healthy: Tips for Couples

This weekend was very special because it was my BF and I’s 2 year anniversary! In honor of our two years, we have both agreed to do our best to live healthy. This means eating well, exercising, being active, and most importantly, encouraging one another to make healthy choices! We have found that living healthy can be really challenging, especially since we now live in the city and work a lot. To help, I have come up with a few guidelines for us to go by that I would like to share with you all:

1) Do NOT do take-out/order-in just because it is convenient. Take-out and food delivery is too popular in NYC. I get it–we’re in a city, food delivery is fast and it is necessary. But seriously, just go to, and you’ll see that it is so easy to get just about any food you want at any time! We once ordered milkshakes and had them delivered and another time when it was raining out, a pint of Haagen-Daz. Back at home in CA, if I was hangry and wanted some ice cream, I would just let the craving pass. Here, I can go online, and easily get it delivered within 20 minutes. Heck, even McDonald’s delivers for free. Sound convenient? Yes, but that doesn’t mean we have to take advantage. We have decided to limit eating out to once a week and if we are going to use Seamless, to pick healthy options instead of indulging in cravings.

2) Go grocery shopping together. My bf and I do not go clothes shopping together a lot, and that is probably a good thing because apparently I take forever.  One kind of shopping we can do together, however, is grocery shopping! It is actually a fun trip and you can check one another on what to buy–in other words, “How about that low-calorie beer instead?”. In addition to limiting the amount of take out and food delivery, we are aiming to cook meals together every weekend. Here is the result of our trip to Trader Joe’s today:

3) Go on more active dates. We have rock climbing planned for next weekend and biking in Central Park for the weekend after that. You can go to daily-deal sites like Groupon and Yipit to find cheap activities to do in your area. If you have a date in mind that is not blatantly active, then make it active. For example, yesterday we went to the New York International Auto Show. Instead of taking a cab 20 blocks away, we walked. It was a far walk, but a nice day out. Plus, since I did not realize how far away and big the convention center was, I wore my wedges. All day, my BF was like a kid in a candy store and I was getting a leg-workout from all that walking around. Meet my Bugatti:

4) Set healthy goals together. Both of us are returning home for Memorial Day weekend, and we want to go home to our families looking fit. Thus, that weekend will be checkpoint for tracking progress in our fitness goals: I myself want to tone my body, and he wants to lose a few pounds. Sharing similar fitness goals keeps us on the same page when it comes to everyday food and health choices; we can encourage and push each other to stay on track. We also plan work-outs together which I always enjoy–it’s a good break from what I usually do at the gym plus I come away with new exercises to implement into my routine! Whether he adapts the exercises I do into his routine, I’m not quite sure…

5) Maintain yourself. It is so easy to fall into a comfort zone of being in a relationship and not pay much attention to your health, your eating patterns, etc. We have all read studies suggesting that love makes you gain weight or have experienced it ourselves. I myself fell off the gym for 6 months after I got with my BF. I started to feel sluggish and very tired all the time; although I was happy in a relationship, I noticed my health changing. And getting back into it was tough. The comfort zone is great–there is nothing like being so comfortable with someone you have no care or worry about how you look. But the reality is the comfort of your significant other does not guarantee you free from health risks and other health related problems. Thus, it is important to always remember to maintain yourself. This goes beyond eating healthy and exercising. I mean maintain your personal well-being and your interests; remembering to do what you normally do to stay confident and feel good, what you do alone, or what you loved to do even before you were in a relationship. Groom yourself, pamper yourself, keep at the activities and hobbies you’ve always enjoyed. Whether that is dressing up, going to get your nails done, playing tennis, shaving, painting, or hanging out with your buddies, don’t let go of that! A healthy relationship is two happy people who do what makes them happy which in turn creates double the amount of happiness. =D


14 thoughts on “Living Healthy: Tips for Couples

  1. I love this, Catherine, so positive and it sounds like you two share a great ‘can-do’ attitude which you’e focusing on health and well-being but really could be turned to anything! Thanks for ‘liking’ my recent post, by the way. I’m off to have a look round your blog!

  2. Great post! We’ve found scouting out new “clean food” sources to be a great date night too. We also get a lot of walking in because we end up exploring the whole area, not just the store. Our bikes are at the shop for a yearly tune-up so we can get back on those this summer too. Lots of great weather and fun together activities coming up!

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