My Mom’s Garden

I know I am late, but Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

According to my little sister, my Mom has been very into her garden lately. This makes me really happy because I know how much gardening makes her happy. When I was younger, I’d always tag along with my Mom during her weekly trips to local nurseries. At the time, it was a chance for me to roam around and kick rocks while my Mom “ooed and awed” at all the plants and flowers. I never really understood how flowers can be so meaningful to people–I only saw giving someone a bouquet of flowers as a common way to say “Thank you” or “I love you”. In fact, I remember giving my fourth grade teacher  flowers for Teacher Appreciation Day and being confused at her almost crying afterwards. Although flower giving is a indeed a sentiment to show appreciation, I now have a much deeper appreciation of flowers and can understand the joy my Mom gets from her garden:

Aside from their obvious role within the earth’s habitat, flowers, to me, are like natural pieces of art–God’s beautiful creations. Each has it’s own unique look, shape, smell and color and the fact that thousands and thousands of different species exist is amazing to me! They are like a simple reminder of the beauty in life. They remind me of my mom, how cheerful she gets when the flowers in her garden bloom, and the excitement on her face when a she sees a hummingbird fly into the back yard to feed. Flowers remind me of home, and they give me a sense of warmth and comfort.

This year, my siblings and I gave my Mom a photobook of the flowers in her garden for Mother’s Day. I wanted to share these pictures with you all–hopefully they help brighten your day like they do mine! (Pictures courtesy of my little sister, her iPhone, and my Mom’s lovely passion)

And to all the mothers out there, you are the best!


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