I’m back!

Wow, it has been a while. I’ve been really busy so I haven’t made time to blog, but I’m back! A lot has went since my last post:

-I moved apartments! I moved from mid-town to downtown and I’m really enjoying it. I used to live next door to the Empire State building, so you can imagine how crazy that was. I would walk two blocks to work each morning and I never once recognized a single person! Now, I live in quieter area with much more of a neighborhood feel. Every morning on my way the subway, I greet neighbors, wave Hi to the firefighters at the fire station, and walk without dodging tourists! It’s like I’m on Hey Arnold and it’s pretty awesome.

I don’t miss living next to you, but I do miss the view!

-My family came to visit me! A much needed visit. It was my Mom and Dad’s first time in NYC, and while my mom claims it’s “not as glamorous as the movies”, I think she enjoyed it.  I played tour guide and did things I had been wanting to do such as visit Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty, watch Wicked the Musical, go to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game, and eat at The River Café in Brooklyn.

My sister and I in front of the Brooklyn Bridge

-I went home, twice! Once for my birthday and Uncle’s wedding, and once for work, which brings me to my next line item…

-I have a different job.  The new company is HQ’d in the Bay Area so I was able to go home for two weeks to do initial training. It was nice to see family and be in town while the Giants swept the Tigers.


-I started doing Pilates! I think I have finally found a fitness activity that I want to pursue. Pilates has been challenging but I love how it makes me feel. I’ve been taking reformer and tower classes for about 2 months and it’s really helped with back pain. I can also already feel my core getting stronger. There is a really cute studio nearby my apartment, and another one close to work. I want to explore other studios so if you know of any good ones in Manhattan or Brooklyn, please share!

-I also started running. I have always disliked running so I decided to challenge myself. I can finally run 2 miles without stopping to walk! I am hoping to improve and run my first 5K. Baby steps 😉

The view from my running path

I’m coming up on almost a year in NYC and I’m only finally starting to feel settled. With a new home, new job, and new hobby, I hope to get back on track with my blog!


2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Hey. Sounds like you are getting into leading the life that you want. I am happy you had such nice family visits. I am happy to have found you in the internet. I myself am from Germany. I live in Northern Germany. I am happy and healthy. I have a great family and am working in a Kindergarten. I am engaged to a great man. I love my life and if you want to write I’d be happy to hear from you. Yours, Manuela

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