Impulse Cupcake

So I thought I’d randomly share with you the cheat treat I “indulged” in this afternoon. I took a different route home because the F train was SUPER SLOW, and passed by Prohibition Bakery. Everyone raves about this place and their alcohol “booze cupcakes” so I figured I try it. They have flavors like Hot Buttered Rum, Margarita, and White Russian. I went with what the woman working said was most popular: Pretzel and Beer


Tasted good, but that thing was so tiny! This pic makes it look way bigger than it was. To give you more of an idea, the pretzel was about the size of a chex square. I don’t feel so guilty for eating it. (Lol and I’m not sure I can even recall what it tasted like anymore since it only took a second to eat) =P

For $2 a pop, I won’t run back, but I’m glad I finally tried it! You know what is worth $2 and that tiny? A LADUREE MACARON. I’ll def share next time I treat myself to one of those.


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