Running Update

I’m continuing to surprise myself. This past Sunday, I ran 4 miles straight! I don’t think I’ve done that, ever. And not only that, I completed the first mile in under 8 minutes. I don’t think I’ve run that fast even in elementary school!


5 miles straight by the end of the month is definitely looking promising!


5 thoughts on “Running Update

  1. Great job, Catherine! After a month-long break I’m starting to train again and even these 3-4 mile runs are majorly kicking my butt!
    Have you thought about signing up for any races in particular?

    • Hey! Thanks! I’ve thought about it but I’m not sure which to do. I def wanna start w a 5k (maybe 10) and grow from there. Any suggestions?? I always see people posting about those fun zombie/rave/colorful powder runs and thought I might do one of those too hahaha.

      • Omgoodness, yes yes yes to Color Runs! And a ton of my friends have done the “Tough Mudder” type races and had a blast too! Races always just give me a tiny bit of extra incentive to lace up the tennies and hit the pavement!
        Hope you find one soon!

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