Enjoying the Sunshine…

Big thanks to http://turningheadsaustralia.wordpress.com/ for nominating me for The Sunshine Award. This is the first nomination I’ve ever received and I just started blogging so this really means a lot! Definitely brought sunshine to my day! If you haven’t yet, please check her blog out–she is a very talented photographer with a great sense of fashion!

Sunshine Award rules:

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Baked Kale Chips and Baby Potatoes

I think I am making progress here, because at about 3 PM, I started craving leaves. Yes, leaves. Not chocolate, not cookies, not ice cream… But today I wanted leaves! Kale chips, to be exact. If you don’t know what kale … Continue reading

Calamansi Tea: A Comfort Drink

I stumbled upon a post by Commander In Chic that featured a lime-ginger-mint detox infusion by Fashion Cooking. The pictures of the tea looked delicious (check them out!) and got me thinking about Calamansi tea, a drink my Mom always made me when I got sick growing up.

unfortunately I do not have my own picture...I am only wishing this cup of tea was in front of me =P

If you don’t know what calamansi is, it’s a small lime that is native to Philippines. You can find the fruit in asian markets and there are some specialty food stores who might sell packaged 100% calamansi juice. Or, you can grow your own! My uncle has had a calamansi plant in his backyard in Milpitas, CA for as long as I can remember, so we were always in abundance of the fruit. Aside from its flavorful citrusy taste, the calamansi also has medicinal benefits such as relief for itchy scalp, antiseptic for cuts and insect bites, and of course, a remedy for coughs, colds, and sore throat.

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