90/10 Principle

It is Friday and it is beautiful and sunny outside! I love it! It wasn’t until shortly after I moved here that I developed a true appreciation for sunshine. We get a lot of sun out in CA and my theory is that maybe people on the East Coast seem “meaner” because they don’t get as much sun. =X I’m pretty sure there is some scientific study backing that up somewhere…

But more than that, today I’m really excited because today marks the start of my meditation course! I’m going to attend a full weekend retreat of learning meditation techniques. I’ve been under a lot of stress recently and I haven’t handled it in the best way–I tend to worry and get overwhelmed easily, and it’s been taking a toll on me.

There is a principle by Stephen Covey that I wholly agree with: the 90/10 principle. (I think I may have first learned of it years back when AOL was in and you got crazy chain emails every other hour telling you to fwd the chain or die.. This one I actually read). Basically what it says is:

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